Monday, June 27, 2011

Juvenile Mango

This is the sight that you see everywhere in Miami these days: mango trees with dropped mangos a gogo. Unfortunately, if asked, the majority of the owners does not know the name of their mango trees. This is a young tree planted only three years ago but it began to produce a copious amount of fruits since last year. I took a sample of half a dozen fruits and will try to guess its name. I doubt I will come up with the right answer but judging from the shape, the size and the yellow color, this could be a Baptiste, origin of Haiti, virtually unknown outside of that island nation.
Young Tree

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Lan said...

After some serious tasting and researching with all 6 mangos I picked from under this tree, I can certify that this is a Baptiste. It's no Haden, but quite respectable. I may return to this tree to beg for more...