Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Round

Usually pizzas come in circles, meaning they are round in shape. Not the ones from this pizza place. In May 1996, Pizza Rustica opened its doors on the corner of 9th Street and Washington in Miami Beach, Florida. The people had never seen these Roman-style rectangular pans of pizza so it became a new sensation. It goes to say Italian Moms know best when it comes to pizzas. You guessed it, the owner of this chain learned to make pizzas from his Mom. Currently with 2 dozens locations in Florida, Arkansas, California, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, France and the Dominican Republic, this chain seems to be doing quite well even though I think they are still running under the radar as the round pizzas are still dominant here. This one is on Red Road just where it meets US-1.
Roman Pizzas

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ol Doc said...

Is Frankie's Pizza closed? They were on Bird and had The. Best. pizza and it was baked square. They'd include a free slice of cheese pizza in paper, laying it right on top of the box, after banging the spatula down on the box top to create an open slash. That slice never made it home when I made the pizza run!