Saturday, June 11, 2011


This year, the mango trees are going wild and everybody who has them can't give them away fast enough. Needless to say, I am in heaven and every day trying not to OD'd on them. On the right are the Haden, and on the left, I am not quite sure. They could be Glenn, Kent, Irwin or even Jewel or Julie. But who cares?
Mango Mango


Me-Ami said...

Yeah, I've been offered lots of free mangos lately. I guess that's one of the perks of living in the tropics!

Anonymous said...

Those look amazing! I've never actually tried mango but I am now very interested... :) visit my blog!

nature said...

Lan, it is amazing what you can grow fruit wise down in Miami. I live upstate in the Ocala region, and the difference between gardening here and where you live is night and day. I have had the best success with loquats, blueberries, black mulberries ,citrus, native plums, pears, and Pindo Palm berries(very tasty).
Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits but to grow them here is a lesson in futility. The last two winters went down to 18F (-8C).

Thank you for your wonderful blog,
I first discovered it at the end of 2008.


Mary said...

I can't see the difference between the mangoes on the right and the mangoes on the left on the pictures ! maybe the size ! They look nice !

Lan said...

It's not easy to tell the types of mango from the fruits. Good hints are the size when fully ripened, the color and the taste. The Haden on the right are larger than those on the left which do not taste as good s the Haden, but I could not place them.