Monday, August 8, 2011

Kids Meal Toys

In the US, for the mighty dollar, there is a perpetual corporate machinery that never sleeps. It must rack its brain to come up with newer products for the insatiable consumer. Burger King, to attract young kids to their stores, comes up with frequent lures it adds to its food product. The idea is very simple, get them hooked during their tender ages and they are customers for life. Here is the latest: Paper Jamz tiny electronic toys that make musical tunes. These are miniature of real musical toys made out of cardboard that can play like real musical instruments. There is one of these BK Kids Meal Toys in each of the Kids Meal Box. When a button is pushed, a tune is played. That's it! Kids love these kinds of things.

Can you match the names with the instruments? They are: Paper Jamz Flame Guitar, PJ Kickin' Keyboard, PJ Rocking Guitar, PJ Smashin' Drum Machine, PJ Warp Guitar, PJ Electro Keyboard, PJ Rock Guitar, PJ Bangin' Drums, PJ Checker Guitar and PJ Smashin' Aerial Drums.
BK Toys

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W.C.Camp said...

These actually are kind of neat toys. I did not even know they were offering them since I always get the 'GEEZER' meal which includes a mini tube of wart remover or denture cream! W.C.C.