Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Steel Trees

I think I gained at least 2 or 3 pounds today, all in the name of August 3rd! Please don't ask me why... And if you do, I won't give you an honest answer. But I did return to PF Chang for lunch, and this is how it looks, kind of an ugly structure, don't you think? Looking at this, I can't understand why this building is decorated with the two "trees" made out of some kind of metal to adorn its entrance. This is Miami, and it's not real trees that we lack. If my name were Chang, which it is not, and I wish it were, I would plant two huge baobab trees in these locations. Nah! That's too African, let's use bamboos, yes, a bamboo forest with roaming pandas! Or anything but these two expensive and scrofulous, unlovely, unpicturesque and unsightly looking brown artificial trees. I wish I knew more synonyms for ugly! OK, after this outburst, I now feel not so bad for having gained so many pounds in a day! And it's Chang's fault!
Brown Tree

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