Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Choir

I was at a luncheon today and had the chance to listen to an excellent choral recital. This is a yearly event organized by the Rotary Club of Coral Gables (RCCG) and because this is Coral Gables, tog was there too! This year, the Everglades Legacy Choir of the Everglades Senior High School in Miramar won the Rotary Music Award from the RCCG . Today, they are here at the atrium inside the Coral Gables Country Club to give a great holiday cheers performance and to demonstrate why they won the Grand Prize Full Choir Senior Division winner of 2011 Caroling Competition AND winner of the 2011 Rotary Music Award ("Where Angels Lately Knelt" by Thomas Courtenay.)

The Legacy Choir is directed today by Mr. Shanpatrick Davis who is its director for the past eight years and who has been a voice teacher for 13 years. This year, in May, Everglades had the pleasure of touring and performing in the New York Area. Next year, also in May, they will tour Washington D.C. This choir is filled with dedicated individuals who all bring their vocal talents to enhance the choir's single voice. Together they sing with inspiration to leave a legacy that fills one's heart with music. I thoroughly enjoyed the short time they sang for the audience from the elevated platform in the atrium.

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