Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boar's Head

This is the deli section inside the Publix grocery store in Dadeland village. This is where I need to come to stock up on my easy way out for a speedy lunch. With this supply, I can whip up a sandwich (delicious, mind you) in about 10 minutes. In the US, we are paranoid about the things we eat... too many calories, too much cholesterol, too much fat, bad fat, good fat, too much carbohydrate, too many eggs, too few calcium, too few Omega 3, we need vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, G... Sorry, I am going overboard here, I don't know why, but vitamins F and G have not been invented... but our biggest preoccupation is too much SALT! I am reluctant to worry about salt... but the assault against salt is relentless and I somehow got into the habit of reading the labels on stuffs I buy to eat or to cook with. If you did that, you would discover that we are surrounded by salt hiding inside our food.

At this place though, the Boar's Head folks who sell the infinite variety of goodies ready for making sandwich swear that they are salt masters and can make their food plenty good with far less salt than their competitors. I am not sure if that is true, but their stuffs are so good, I don't really care if they lie.

To tell you what I really think... if I want to control my daily sodium intake, it will take me... say... a half day each day to tabulate, measure and count all the milligrams of salt that get into my body. No... that's too much time lost. I'll let my kidneys worry about dealing with the salt. My plan is to talk to both of them once in a while to make sure they still work well. I remember in the old Tarzan movies I watched, the fellows who lived in the deep jungles would kill for a bag of salt. What happened to these good old days?

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Sandrine said...

It's easy to eat well though : eat as close to the source as you can. This means unprocessed. Cheese and hams are processed, full of salt, so not too good for you!