Thursday, May 31, 2012

Artocarpus heterophyllus

The last day of May leads to the first day of the hurricane season which is tomorrow, and the jack fruits are getting big... actually, enormous is a more accurate word for this year. Hopefully they will stay in good shape until they are ripe. Wish me luck... Jack Fruit


-c.owen said...

i know 'arto' means small in latin

i know 'hetero' means same in latin

i always like to try and find out what the plants names mean in english, it gives a better perspective to me. I can see them clearer. If you know what it means in english, please comment back.

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Lan said...

You can see some reference here:


Miami Dodge said...

very nice plants.......

Lan said...

Artos means bread
Carpus means fruit
So the name says it's a bread fruit.