Sunday, May 27, 2012


Look what I saw in this parking lot: a strange vehicle that could be from another world! This may be an UFO (unidentified flying object) disguised as an automobile that I wouldn't be surprised. I saw the owner/driver who gave me a big and proud smile when he walked away from this car. All I see is the name Chevrolet in the open engine hatch. There is no other markings of any sort other than that on the entire car's body. This man must either be a very powerful man or insane because he drives around in this car without any license plate or identification marks. I would like to see the face of the police officer when he encounters this car during his patrol around the neighborhood. Chevrolet


Allen said...

Not sure how many car enthusiasts follow your blog but this is probably a Chevrolet Roadster built somewhere around the 1930's. It has been heavily customized and is probably worth more than $40,000!

Lan said...

Thank you for the information. Miami does have many of these special cars in its streets.