Saturday, May 12, 2012

Call The Cops

It's Saturday on busy streets of Miami and what do you expect? Crazy guys like this one in his convertible hot rod. This guy was so far the worst that roams Miami's crazy street scenes that I've seen. Within minutes, he weaved through the four lanes of US-1, changing his cell phone from left to right to left to right hands while waving/shaking his other hand frantically. He must be either very mad or excited or both. You can bet I stayed as far away from him as possible. In this pose, he has the phone on his right hand across his face. Do you see his left hand? What is holding his steering wheel? Call the cops! Call highway patrol! Crazy Driver

1 comment:

M-AdMan said...

that's not a hotrod, that's a chrysler sebring, it barely accelerates.