Monday, July 2, 2012


I was walking on Sunset Drive (SW 72nd Street) minding my own business here this morning when I saw this high drama unfolding... This motorcycle cop was standing on the side of the street clocking passing cars... and this one got caught red handed speeding. It was really not speeding too excessively. Do you know how I know? That was because this cop jumped to the middle of the street in front of the car to stop it... and the car was able to stop and not running him over. In any case, the driver was ordered to pull over to this side street and they were having a "very nice" conversation. Let's see.. the city is broke... everyone needs money because everyone is cash-strapped... I'd venture a guess of US $125 ticket for excessive speeding. Have a nice day!


kendallseo said...

yes everyone needs money it's true.
Miami Dodge

Mariska Gevaarlijk said...

I guess my little visit next month will only help some...
But I'll do my best to invest in the economy of Miami/Florida. (read: buy stuff I don't need, get lost so I need multiple bustickets or a taxi to get back on track, rehydrate myself, cool myself down with ice cream, let the batter of my camera run down so I need to be another one in Miami,eat at restaurants instead of cooking at my studio. You know, basic touristy stuff)

Maybe I'll even see you there, every one with a camera will be 'suspicious' to me from now on ;-)
No seriously, I like your blog and will be checking it out every now and then!

Rational νεόφυτος said...

Speeding tickets are probably no big deal financially for most of the people who live in Miami, no? ;)

Lan said...

No, a big No! All the big cheese avoid paying their traffic violations like the pest. The powerful, when they get a traffic fine, pull their strings to have their tickets "voided." PAZ has been accused of "forgiving" a large number of parking tickets issued to the high and the mighty!