Sunday, July 8, 2012

Todd Got Jipped!

Remember Todd? He says he makes the best sub on earth. Well, apparently Todd got jipped by Suntrust and he is very mad about it. To the point that he made a special sign to expound his displeasure.

According to the American urban dictionary, jipped means a person got cheated, stolen, dissed, ripped off. There are other adjectives but I am not at liberty to divulge them to you here because I want to keep my blog civil. Now, what does Todd say in his next word? Let's see: #@&*% is what he said. Me? I would have said it differently, I would have said !@#$%^&* I think that is easier to type on a QWERTY keyboard than what he said. We all know what he meant to really say there! And I would have said all that in red color using the skull and crossbones fonts!


Rational νεόφυτος said...

So I'll ask the obvious: what is "suntrust"? A bank in Miami?

Lan said...

Suntrust is a mammoth banking corporation so I guess they can "jip" a tiny guy like Todd anytime they want. They own stocks of Coca Cola that gives them a yearly dividend of US $59 Million. They also have Coke's secret formula in their safe in Atlanta. So they are also in a position to "jip" even Coke by threatening to sell Coke's secret formula, I muse myself, to Pepsi!