Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coral Reef Yatch Club

Here we are, on the first night of July with almost a full moon outside, sitting here waiting for our dinner at the Coral Reef Yatch club in Coconut Grove. The choice of seating can be outside on the porch, or inside the dining room. I'd rather sit outside to enjoy a very nice sea breeze tonight, but being invited, I have to sit where the reserved table says we sit. The view you see is part of a large all concrete 100-slip marina. I stepped outside to work down the grouper meunière and walked around the slips. To my astonishment, there are power boats moored here that outclass the one you saw a few days ago by a large factor! It is obvious to conclude that the owners of the boats here like to compete for horse power, and they have money to back that up. The winner is one small outboard that sports FOUR Yamaha motors, each of which delivers 250 HP. These can probably outrun the fastest coast guard cutters. You can do all sort of good things with these capabilities, don't you think?
Yatch Club

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