Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nectar of Flowers

'Nam Doc Mai,' or "Nectar of Flowers," is among the best known dessert mangoes of Thailand, with an exceptional appearance and eating quality. In Thailand, there are many strains of this species, classified according to the use of their fruits. The fruits are long, slender and sigmoid, weighing from 12 to 16 ounces. The ripe fruits range from a greenish- to canary-yellow, sometimes with a reddish blush on the sun-exposed part. The flesh is soft and juicy, with a sweet and aromatic flavor. 'Nam Doc Mai' has no fiber, a must for top quality mangoes. In Thailand and throughout much of Asia, Nam Doc Mai is highly sought after for its quality. Its fruits are used while mature green for dipping in sauces and for making sweet preserves and pickles. When ripe, they have a smooth, silky texture and extreme sweetness and bouquet. Nam Doc Mai has found a home in the Caribbean, where it grows and fruits well. This excellent mango grows and fruits well in Miami. But not for me! I have a young tree that tries for several years but until now, could not yet bear its fruits to term. Have no fear, I have many friends who have mature trees and now you know where mine come from. In this photo, the Nam Doc Mai are still greenish. The top 6 mangoes are Zill. They used to be my top choice, but I think Nam Doc Mai displaced them from the top of my list.

If you want to be real technical about mangoes, here is an excerpt from professional tasters: "Green: A zingy citrus and lemon-blossom nose, with crisp green apple, grapefruit, and sour cherry flavors. Ripe: Graceful hints of anise and cinnamon, with loads of complex flavors of melon, peach and tangerine." Really? These tasters must have drunk some strange and exotic wine before tasting this mango. Me? I eat those with abandon and loving every bite. Don't care what they taste like, but loving them!

On July 14th and 15th, Fairchild Tropical Gardens will have a yearly mango festival. I will be there to take a few shots.
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Sheri Burg, aka. Gardening Girl PB said...

Ooohhh, Nam Doc Mai's are my all time #1 favorite mango! Thanks for posting some great info about them. I really miss my NDM tree right about now. Hopefully I will be able to get another one in the ground before next year's harvest. This way I can share the goodness with our neighbors! More folks should taste how amazing they are! Enjoy your delicious goodies!

Happy Gardening!
Best wishes,