Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata

One of my neighbors has this beautiful rare bamboo. This aptly named form of "Yellow Groove Bamboo" is spectacular, thus its common name "Spectabilis." Its colors are reversed from the species, i.e., it has bright yellow culms with a green sulcus. It is the hardiest bamboo with yellow and green striped color pattern. Spectabilis is vigorous and rather rare. Like the other forms of the species, this bamboo makes an excellent hedge or screen due to its fast, upright growth to a possible maximum height of 25 to 30 feet. The bamboo in this shot may be 30 feet high and I love its touch.

Spectacular Yellow Bamboo

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Leslie said...

Just a note to tell you that I enjoy your photo blog very much!