Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Vanishing Farm Land

Here is one of the rare remaining farm land in deep South Miami, at about 240th street just off US 1. This is in a community called Princeton where local crops such as corn, beans, strawberries were everywhere. No longer. I am not sure what this crop is, and it looks like some kind of cabbage, just about ready for harvest. The tall palms in the background are royal palms, grown in a neighboring nursery and they are sold for landscaping of new homes/condos and office buildings. From now on, I am using a Canon PowerShot S3 IS which is a 6 MPixel camera, retiring my 5 MPixel Canon G5 because I don't want to buy a new battery for it.

Farm Land

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Pat said...

Sad to see the vanishing farm land. Glad you have a nice camera though!


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