Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chocolate for a Water Dragon

It's the lunar new year eve of the Water Dragon year, and there is a chocolate festival inside Miami's Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBG) for the last 3 days, including today which is the last day. There was a huge crowd that came today because everybody craves for chocolate. That was a must do event, so I was eager to show up. The best place I found was Oliver Kita stand.

Oliver Kita Fine Chocolates is often described as the Premiere Chocolate Shops from Hudson Valley. It makes vegan organic chocolate bars and other delectable creations in the Hudson Valley area. Cooking and baking with the perfumes and flavors of flowers, herbs, citrus, exotic fruits, berries, nuts, and spices over the last 20 years, Oliver Kita now adds fine chocolates for chocolate lovers around the world.

They claim to use top quality French organic and Swiss sources of ingredients and traditional French methods. Using ingredients such as heavy satin cream, award-winning sweet butter, fine fruits, low sugar, carefully selected and roasted nuts etc... their end products are beautiful hand-crafted artfully designed bits that beg to be eaten.

They created sinful collections with names such as: Organic, Studio, Inspiring, Rejuvenating, Satisfying, Soothing, Comforting, Fashion, Spiritual, Hot Chocolate and Great Estates. My favorite is Inspiring: All dark chocolate with dramatic tastes some with chunks of exotic fruit inside fragrant dark chocolate... no milk, please! You see some of the empty slots in these boxes? Guess who helped that out!

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