Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Dragon Tattoo

In Miami, you will run into many individuals with very intricate tattoos on their bodies. This is one example. I tried to figure out what the tattoos are saying but it's not that easy. If you can make it out, let me know. If you are interested in this kind of art, look here. There is a new movie adapted from the Swedish trilogy books by Stieg Larsson with a catchy name "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." In the original Swedish film, you can catch a very brief glimpse at the famous dragon tattoo which is a huge dragon spreading on the entire back of the actress, Noomie Rapace. Now, that's a tattoo. The dragon you see in this photo comes from a poster for the new movie. I don't think that's good enough because this is puny and does not match the fiery personality of Lisbeth at all. I hope this baby dragon tattoo is not what is on the back of Rooney Mara, the actress in the American remake in 2011. This reminds me I have to watch this new movie for comparison with the original version.
Talking about the Dragon Tattoo begs the showing of them in the two versions of the same movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," so here they are:

The Swedish version - 2009 - Noomie Rapace:
Dragon Tattoo
and the American version - 2011 - Rooney Mara:
Dragon Tattoo


PerthDailyPhoto said...

I loved that whole trilogy and the Swedish version of the films of the books. I see the American version is opening soon, don't think I'll bother with it, the original version will be closer to the real thing I'm sure!!

Lan said...

I think you may want to reconsider. I now have watched the 2011 American version, and it's very good. I recommend it. I think Rooney Mara is considered for an Oscar for best actress.