Friday, January 13, 2012

Yellow Is The Color That I Love

There is a saying "Nothing lasts forever, and the deepest well runs dry..." which seems to apply well to this place... About 4 years ago, the bougainvillea growing here was quite spectacular... but today, I think it's less of a dazzle display than that of yesteryears. In my opinion, the key ingredient that is missing is the color yellow. Yellow bougainvillea is notoriously hard to stay alive and they do not last as long as others of different colors. White bougainvillea is even more difficult to grow here than yellow. Purple seems to be the color that survives best in Miami. In this photo, you can see the climbing tendency of bougainvillea from the color patches on the neighboring young oak. Even the fence has shown its age. Hey, I didn't notice that it's Friday the Thirteenth! But I am not superstitious, it's bad luck to be that way!
No Yellow


Leo H. said...

They still look amazing!

nature freak said...

Very beautiful and amazing plants indeed. I did not know some bougainvilleas grow better than others depending on their innate color. Come to think of it, the flowers in your photograph are the ones usually seen in Florida, though in my part of the state red and purple seem equally common (and here unless cold protected they flower in summer up to the first freeze whereupon they partially die back, the plants then recover in the spring and flower again come summer). Interesting.