Thursday, January 12, 2012

Moonless Moonlight Tour

Tonight is the first of the four "Moonlight Tour" at Miami's Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Once a month starting in January, a night tour is offered to the public to have a chance of experiencing nature at its best at dark. Tonight, unfortunately, the sky is cloudy and the moon only rises after the tour concludes. That resulted in a Moonless Moonlight Tour and the star gazing part could not take place. However, just walking in this garden at night is what I think one is very privileged to be able to enjoy. You have seen only part of a beautiful rain tree where lovers of all ages carved their initials on its trunk, illegally, I must say. In case you do not remember, that is an Albizia niopoides, which is the largest and most elegant of about 150 species of the Albizia trees; and it is related to the Rain Tree. This is how it looks in the dark, showcased for tonight's tour by strategically placed spot lights. I can just sit here all night to look at this. This view is Northwesterly, the moon, which was full on the 9th, is early waning and rises from the East at 9:24PM tonight. It will be shining above this tree just about dawn. That will be a beautiful sight to see, but I don't think I can stay up that long to wait for this moment. Can't win them all but I know I can catch that some day.
Nocturnal Albizia


Leo H. said...

Hi, I'm a photographer and I was looking for Bougainvillea flowers in Miami for me to do a photoshoot with a model and then I saw your post. Do these flowers still exist at that location? Could you tell where it is or where I could find more of them? Thank you!

Leo H. said... oops... that's the link of your post.

Lan said...

Hi.. These plants are still at the same location, but the flowers are not as good at this time as they were then. It's at the corner of Miami's SW 72nd Avenue and 66th Street. I'll take a few shots tomorrow (Jan 13, 2012) and may show one in this blog. However, you should be able to find many locations that have bougainvillea in Miami but perhaps not with so many different colors as in that shot.

Leo H. said...

Thank you so much, I appreciate it! Can't wait for your next post!