Sunday, March 16, 2008

Honda vs Honda

Here is a view of some Americans' favorite means of transportation, ideal for Miami's weather: a Honda convertible S2000 and a macho big Honda "Superbike" CBR.

Sport Vehicles


TOG said...

I used to have a Honda lawn mower the first one was very good but the second was not so good. My Kawasaki weed eater lasted for 25 years. But the Kawasaki dealer only knew about motor bikes.

Lan Nghiem-Phu said...

When living in Paris, I owned a sporty Honda S800 Coupe. That car red lined at 8,500 RPM and sounded like a cat when I raced it around Paris' streets. It had an aluminum 4 cylinder with four carburators and its top speed was 100 MPH. It had about 80 horse power and the gas tank held only 5.5 gallons, but with a such a small engine, it could go 45 miles per gallon. I loved that car but did not own another Honda since.