Saturday, March 8, 2008

No See Ink

On weekends like today, big and small kids enjoy video games while celebrating birthday parties with pizza, ice cream and soft drinks at this Chuck E Cheese in West Kendall. I don't know why, but the workers there stamp everyone's wrist with an invisible ink upon entry. I thought the ink was purple, but can't see anything on my wrist. I sure hope it's not radioactive.

Invisible Ink

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Jose said...

hey if its at the chuck e cheese located on kendall drive where bahama breeze is i worked there! they stamp the wrists of everybody so nobody else takes there child. "everyone who comes together, leaves together". if a man with the number 23 tries leaving with a kid stamped 14 he wont be able to leave because the numbers dont match, the numbers dont match a manager is notified and the problem is resolved. the safest system ive seen when it comes to entertainment and kids. hope that answered your question...