Sunday, March 9, 2008

Miami Continental Breakfast

Just about every morning, I am awaken by a blue jay fighting with his/her reflection on the window outside my bed room. I have yet to take a shot (no, not with a bibi gun) of this bird and its brain! This morning, I came out in the cold air (a cold front arrived yesterday) but the bird was gone. I heard noise above my head and watched this squirrel having its breakfast high up in this coconut tree. Look closely and you can see there is still enough food inside this nut for at least a few more days.

Free Coconut

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TOG said...

A fantastic picture. I have never seen a squirrel eating a coconut (or cocoanut if your old enough). They eat a percentage of all of my mangoes, mamey, longan, avocados and jabot(a or i)cabas. I may be a wise guy, but I know a good picture when I seen one.