Thursday, February 19, 2009

6258 Red Road

The University of Miami is a member of University Credit Union which was established in 1947 as the University of Miami Credit Union to serve UM's faculty, staff and alumni. The name was changed in 1982 and its service was expanded to include other regional universities. This is one of its many locations: 6250 Red Road, in South Miami. Why do I bother to tell you this? This exact location was my former address: 6258 Red Road. This used to be a small set of apartments and many of us students paid rent to live exactly here! The university is just across the street. I have many fond memories of this spot. I had a 1963 Mustang fast back (similar to the one driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt, and mine was burgundy red) that was stolen right off the street, when it was parked where you see the American flag. The police found my car's body 4 days later in Coconut Grove on cinder blocks. Everything else was stripped away. Later, I parked my second muscle car, a 1969 Pontiac GTO "The Judge" at the same spot, and some mean person shot a bibi gun through its windshield! The apartments were sold and this building replaced my former address. On the other side of the wall behind this building was an avocado tree that gave us 8" giant fruits for many years. That tree may still be there. To the left, on the South side of Red Road is a huge property that is still there, with all its fruit trees that we came to steal the fruits every summer: mango, lychee, tamarin... That was the good old time when there were no worries in the world! Yes, they stole Mustangs, which are notoriously hot, even today! I should have bought a Pinto, but that old wonderful and muscular Mustang was a good deal for only $680! What do you want? I was a penniless student! Still penniless, but no longer student now!

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