Saturday, February 7, 2009

Don't Touch My Egg

Among the many egg laying (or oviparous, as opposed to viviparous or live-bearing animals) animals, only birds are stricly oviparous. The lizards, which belong to the family of reptile, can be both oviparous or viviparous. I am back today to the Sunset place in South Miami to shoot pictures. Lucky me, there is no security guards around to tell me to stop. If you like futuristic creatures, you may like these two fierce looking lizards defending their eggs. I am fearless to venture a guess that these may be artistic depiction of perhaps Gila Monsters, Frilled Lizards, Flying Dragons or Komodo Dragons. Do you think that these two may be strictly vegetarian Galapagos Land Iguanas?

Vegetarian Oviparians

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gogouci said...

Cool looking decor.