Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dracula Calling

It's the weekend, and people may be in a good mood... so why not give a pint of blood and feel even better? The person holding the "HERO" T-shirt is attracting the attention of the local traffic here across Miami's Dadeland Mall. The deal is this: you step into the big truck parked on the left, roll up your shirt's sleeve, let a nice nurse stick a needle in the vein of the arm of your choice, allow your blood to fill a pint size bag. That's done! In return, you get the HERO T-shirt. You may also get a free soda, or even a free admission to some local events. In a week or so, you get to know your cholesterol level, know your blood type, and hopefully they won't call you in which case you do have a health problem that you are not aware of. That's a good deal! Me? I can't do this today because I am scheduled to let Dracula stick me next week on Thursday. Ouch!
We Need Your Blood

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