Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paying Station

I think it is increasingly difficult to live in the US. "Modern" life, if you want to call it that, is making real life difficult, if not miserable, for me, that is... Let me explain... To start, you can no longer get to talk to any intelligent human being if you need help when dealing with large corporations. And I am not talking about technical help... in which case, you may go insane before getting anywhere. Systematically, all human who used to get real paying jobs are being replaced by machines, or by those who know less than nothing. Here I am in the Sunset place and my car is parked somewhere in its garage. I need to navigate this mechanic to pay for my parking charge and got 15 minutes to get out. If I cannot find my car and get to the gate within 15 minutes, I will have to go through a major crisis at the exit gate because it won't open and the persons behind me will be very upset. There used to be a person who will take my cash to let me out. Not any more. The same is true for parking meters, and toll gates etc, etc... Help!
South Miami

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Seventy Plus said...

Easy answer to this parking problem.
Don't use that parking station again,and make sure that none of your friends and acquaintances use it either.
No customers may force the return of personal service.