Monday, July 25, 2011

Visiting Banjong

It has been a while since I took time to drive all the way South... Today, because it doesn't rain, I decided to pay a surprise visit to my old friend Banjong the orchid man. The surprise was on me because I found his gate tightly shut! Resourceful (and lucky) as I was, I didn't have to jump over his fence, but managed to get him to open the gate to let me in. Every time I come here, his orchids in bloom are always ready to pose for pictures. If you love Vandas, this is the place to be. But let me tell you about an orchid secret not too many know: instead of getting a very large flowered showy plant, get a new vanda cross that has a scent you will never forget after the first sniff of its flowers. And you can only get it here because he knows how to breed them in that way. If you do come, tell him I sent you, and ask for a Denisoniana cross. No, that is not in this photo, these are "showy plants" but flat on scents.

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