Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't Hug Me!

If you do not like to be hugged, be like this.
This is a Pachypodium lamerei, which is a stem succulent and a species in the family of Apocynaceae from Southern Madagascar. It has large thorns with leaves growing only at the top of the plant and bears large, white fragrant flowers, which is rare for plants in the cactus family. This species is one of the best known pachypodiums in cultivation because it is relatively easy to propagate and grow. Propagation is by foot long pods the size of cucumbers that bust open when ripe to disperse its seeds to the surroundings.

Do you see a large colorful lizard on the top? How did it get there? It must have followed the spiral pathway between the thorns, right? How else?
No Hugging

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