Saturday, October 22, 2011


If you are tricked to this page because of the title I used, shame on you. It's not what you think. We Miamians live for this crisp, cool, blue sky, white clouds, extremely pleasant weather about this time of the year. This is when the snow birds flock to Miami to partake our nice weather and flood South Beach. As if given a secret signal, all convertible cars go topless. Here are two among the many roaming the streets of Miami. I think that if you own a convertible in Miami and you drive around town with the top of you car still up in this kind of weather, you would be considered "gauche." And you know what this means? Your car has to be in tip top shape. You push a button, the top goes down... you push it again, the top goes up. I saw a man who didn't even have to push any button. He clapped his hands, instant topless!
Top Down


Lavender Darwin said...

I drive a Corolla with scratched-up paint. LOL! said...
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