Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Miami-Dade County Police Department (MDPD), formerly known as the Metro-Dade County Police Department (1981–1997), Dade County Public Safety Department (1957–1981) and the Dade County Sheriff's Office (1836–1957) is a Limited Service County Police Department serving Miami-Dade County, Florida's unincorporated areas. The MDPD is the largest police department in the Southeastern United States, with approximately 4,700 employees. The Department is still often referred by its former name, the Metro-Dade Police or simply Metro. Miami-Dade Police officers are easily identified by their taupe/brown colored uniforms. Miami-Dade Police vehicles are identified by their green and white livery. MDPD officers carry silver badges, while officers with the ranks of sergeant and above carry gold badges. The Department's headquarters are located in Doral, which is really an annex of Miami, here:

Police Department
9105 NW 25 ST
Doral, Fl 33172

To get to this location in Miami, you've got to brave the heavy traffic on NW 25th Street where it is always full of huge 18 wheelers going in both directions feeding the nearby big shipping business and the Miami International Airport.

MDPD officers drive Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors and they always instill a blue fear in me whenever I see them. I think they keep me honest and well behaved. Miami-Dade Police is often depicted in quite a few television shows, films, and video games: notably, Miami Vice and CSI: Miami. I do not watch these shows, but I know Miami Vice featured two of my very favorite Miami locations: Jimbo's and the now defunct Stiltsville.

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Lavender Darwin said...

Very cool! Over 4,700 employees! Wow, it looks so much smaller in the old Miami Vice tv show!