Monday, October 17, 2011

Modern Life

There are two things now that you can see almost anywhere you go, especially in the US, and certainly in Miami: a cell phone and a debit/credit swipe device. Many, if not all doctors' offices now must improve their cash flow. Besides posting a disclaimer in their office saying they are not carrying liability insurance (meaning you can sue me, but you won't get much,) they all are requesting patients to pay their shares up front before they are seen by the doctor.

Here is the desk of a typical medical office clerk. They can take your money in no time with the card swiping device that charges your credit card or directly debits from your bank account. The pink object is the ubiquitous cell phone. I challenge you to leave me a comment if you do not have a cell phone. I expect to have zero such notes. Please be truthful.
Pay Now

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