Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hable Con Leon

Healthcare is BIG business in the US. Actually, I can use the word gargantuan and will not be too far from the truth. This truck is brand new... meaning that this Leon conglomerate is making good money and is expanding. In Miami, you are handicapped if you can't understand Spanish. Fortunately, the numbers in Spanish are the same as when they are in English (... not so in Chinese and in Japanese, mind you! But please do not get me started on that thought...) so I know I can contact Leon if I need to, which I hope I will never have to. Is Leon getting into the computer business now? Is it what it says on this truck? Where is my personal interpreter when I need her? Life is so stressful here! No sé, caramba! Whatever that may mean.

Do you know how I know this truck is brand new? Look at its temporary white license plate still in paper form. Here, new vehicles are issued temporary license plates that can be used for 2 weeks.
Spanish R Us

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