Monday, August 6, 2012


Listen, are you ready for a metaphorical trip to the past? First, look at the longans in the photo taken today... they are the last batch from my trees this year. They are huge because these were safe way up high at about 30 feet on top of the trees. All the ones at lower levels have been raided by my friends. For two weeks, these longans up there gave me many a nights of unrest. I was simply obsessed, the same way as captain Ahab's obsession with Moby-Dick, The Whale! In the US canon novel dated 1851, author Herman Melville, via the psyche of Capt. Ahab who was crippled by Moby-Dick, vowed revenge. He projected into the poor whale all malignant and evil intentions and a protracted fight between man and animal ensued. Here, the Longan up there dropping one at a time forced me to get my tallest ladder and the longest harvesting pole out of the closet. After three long hours of sweat and tears under the merciless Miami sun, I got most of them down here. There are still some more up there, but I gave up. The Longan won! Bad, bad, bad Longan! I see longan ice cream in my near future...
Moby-Dick on Tree

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