Saturday, August 18, 2012

You Shall Not Pass

I heard about this exorbitantly luxurious place in Coconut Grove: The Cloisters In Coconut Grove. It is a gated community of 40 tri-level villas located right in the heart of Coconut Grove’s village center. The market in The Cloisters dipped about 22 -28 months ago when there were several short sales (in case you do not live in the US, short sales mean the mortgage is in distress and the house is for sale at large discounts) that were purchased for less than $200.00 per square foot. Now prices are starting to slowly rise again. This year a unit traded for US$1,285,000 or $227.00 per square foot and all of the active units are listed for $265.00 per square foot and higher (up to $503.00 per square foot.)

I am not sure how I can get past this formidable looking gate to get inside for a few shots. Let's see... Peanuts... Open up! No?... Ginger... open up! No?... Pepper... Open up! No?... Abracadabra... Open up! No?... Pedaliaceae... Open up!

Nah! This thing does not seem to understand Latin! I'll return some other time...
Stay Out, Please

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