Sunday, August 19, 2012

Munroe's My Name

The Coconut Grove Peacock Tour, an organization that develops and brings public art exhibition to Coconut Grove, during the Spring of 2010 through the Winter of 2011, hosted a herd of beautiful peafowl, fiberglass peacocks decorated by Coconut Grove artists one of whom is Deborah Starbuck who was the author of the peacocks. The funding of this project were to benefit local charities and non-profit organizations. The peacocks were on display throughout the Coconut Grove village and main through fares in March 2010. The charity auction was held one year later in March 2011. Local sponsors included the Mayfair Center, the Miami Heat, the Zoo of Miami, the Port of Miami, Hampton Inn hotel among other businesses and individuals, and a peacock adorned with different decorations was made for each sponsor.

Here is one such peacock that was sponsored by the Cloisters on the Bay and Munroe is in display inside this gated community. Yes, that is the name given to this peacock, named after Captain Ralph Middleton Munroe who was one of the earliest settlers of Coconut Grove which was accessible only by water at the time he was here. If you pay close attention and zoom in on this photo, you would see that the artist has faithfully fitted this peacock with Captain Munroe's signature bow-tie and Captain's cap. The distant images on the Peacock tail illustrate the beautiful club house at The Cloisters on the left, the playground at Peacock Park on the right, and the Barnacle house at the center.

By the way, you didn't think for a minute that I would be deterred by that iron gate? Right?
Inside the Cloisters

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