Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Just when you thought it's a good time to talk about pleasant things in life... then you have to start worrying about dealing with Isaac! I need to wake up early tomorrow morning to put some drinking water and food in my refrigerator because it's pretty empty right now. When Isaac comes, and he will whether he is welcome or not..., I'll be forced to go into a long term fasting spell if I am not careful... I may be able to get some photos of the frenzy at grocery stores starting... about... NOW! Looking at this forecast from the National Hurricane center, we'll get very windy this weekend for certain! Aye yei yei! Yikes!
Here He Comes
... Addendum... I didn't feel like waiting until tomorrow morning, but look here... The shelves are already empty and it's only 8:13PM. I can't wait to see the water rush tomorrow morning, but I don't think I want to wake up that early for a crazy photo shot... but if I can't sleep.. I may consider...
Water Gone

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