Friday, March 16, 2012


A happy event of late yesterday/last night trumped all of my other wonderful ideas for today's blog. The photo I took for it is really lousy, but all you need is to trust my narration. I do have a very good digital camera with superb macro, but I am too lazy to dig it out from under my clutter, so I am using my trusted iPhone 4 camera that is the worst to take macro photos. But I am ecstatic. So ecstatic that I am lacking words to describe my happiness. Therefore, I looked up to tell you that I am:

very happy, blissful, athrill, beatific, crazy, delirious, dreamy, elated, enraptured, enthusiastic, entranced, euphoric, fervent, floating, flying high, frenzied, gone*, high*, in exaltation, in seventh heaven, joyful, joyous, mad, on cloud nine, out, overjoyed, pleased as punch, rapturous, ravished, rhapsodic, sent, sunny, thrilled, tickled pink, tickled to death, transported, turned on, upbeat, wild... and more...and why is that?

At the end of February, I got about a handful of seeds from the two mature Alstonia scholaris, the object of my intense search for many years. I immediately planted them according to expert recommendations, expecting some assured germination in about three weeks. That happened and I counted five baby plants so far. To see them, you should click on the photo and enlarge it to original size. In a few days, I expect many more will come out from the soil and technically I can grow a small forest of A. scholaris. What a journey! I will get at least one to grow into a mature tree. That will happen, is there any doubt? None!
Cloud Nine

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