Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Peacock's Tale

I was pondering this question for a long time: Why do peacocks pay the price of dragging a long and heavy tail (it's called a train) all their adult lives? It turns out that that is the price to pay to attract the attention (and get them) of peahens. A theory goes to say that peahens prefer peacocks with large and colorful fan tails when they propose. Then there are them "eyes!" There is a scientific research asserting that a successful peacock must have an average of about 150 "eyes" on its tail. If the number is less than about 130, he can forget about getting the girls to pay any attention to him. Well, Greek mythology says that queen Juno, wife of Zeus, was mad at Argus, her 100-eye watchman for not doing a good job keeping all of them open to spy on Zeus, put all 100 eyes on the peacocks. Sorry to say, only 100 eyes? These poor peacocks would never, ever be able to get a date. They need 150 of them, according to 21st century life science studies.

I followed this peacock around this morning and felt tired just looking at him dragging his heavy tail across the asphalt and the grass. And to think that to impress his potential mate, he has to hold this tail erect and dance around! What they won't do for love!
100 Eyes

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RickyHanson says amazing photo of a beautiful creature.