Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Once in a while, the streets of Miami are graced with cars with custom artwork on their entire bodies. Here is one, an "alelooped" Austin Mini Cooper. Aleloop, also known as Alejandra Leibovich, Neo Pop artist native of Argentina works in her art studio in Coconut Grove, designing, illustrating & animating for commercial products. She has won many awards for her work and has put her signature on ten art Mini Coopers. They are: Fine Arts, Grunge, Video Game, DJ, Mini Me, Free Hand, Comics, Pattern, Designer and Nature. You can tell from the names given to the Mini Coopers that she is "Op." Being "Op," she is said to love peacocks, wild giant iguanas, weird stuffs, cats , minidogs and imaginary creatures. In other words, my kind of artist. Here is one of her work, the "Video Game" art Mini Cooper.
Neo Pop Art


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Basil Glenn said...

Aleloop is also known for designing, illustrating, and animating for MTV, 7UP, Wolverine and the X-Men, and so much more. She received numerous awards and has done a short film titled as “How Do You Call It?” She even has her own “Aleloop’a Palooza” every Saturdays. Her art works are magnificent! Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask her if she could design my Lexus CT Hybrid for me.

Basil Glenn

Ava Harness said...

I'm actually her fan. Her artworks really fascinate me because every cursive design are painted playfully, which make them very unique. I wish she could paint my mini van someday.

Ava @Elite Toyota