Thursday, March 15, 2012

Holy Cow!

Smack in the middle of the city of Miami Lakes you can find a swath of land where cows graze in peaceful surroundings. Actually, there is a lot of controversy about the existence of this dairy farming business here. The owner of this land where cows are herded for milk clash with neighboring residents who complain that the cows' smell of uncleanliness ruin their homestead.

Dairy cow (Bos taurus) herds in the United States range in size from small farms of a dozen animals to large herds of more than 15,000. You are looking at a small dairy farm in the middle of a thriving Miami urban area.

These cows all have number tags attached to their ears for identification... and they just enjoy a beautiful day in Miami. Knowing that to maintain high milk production, a dairy cow must be bred and produce calves, cow number 2438 was very busy with several attempts to interrupt a "leave me alone, please" grazing miss cow. She obviously was more interested in her dinner and did not want to be disturbed. This is the second failed declaration of love. I had to leave the scene so I can't tell you whether this hot love call ended in success or failure.
Cow in Town

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