Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm In NO Hurry

Remember my blog about the Coco de Mer? More than 7 months have elapsed. I returned to the planting site and this is what I saw. Nothing happened! This double nuts looks exactly like it was in July last year. You may have noticed that a humidity gauge was added to monitor the health of this nut. It's nut! This is worse than watching grass grow, because if you waited a few days, you would have seen some movements. This is also worse than watching paint dry because it does dry in a few days. This is really taxing one's patience. I am lucky I have plenty of it, so I'll come back next year. I have the feeling that nothing would happen then either. I understand that this nut starts to germinate (if it ever will decide to do so) and grow downward into the ground for a while before curving back up to break the ground and emerge into civilization. That's all right... I'll wait.
Slow Poke

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tallahasseepics said...

Wow, it's crazy how long those things take to grow!