Sunday, March 4, 2012

Casuarina Art

I found this very nice self portrait painting (I assume that's a self portrait) on this tree's stump. I wish I had this kind of talent. If I did, I would paint on natural canvas like this that is plentiful in Miami because trees have to be trimmed often due to our subtropical climate. But I wouldn't paint my self portrait, it's too unsightly! My subject would be something much more beautiful. Any suggestions? Did you say lotus? Now that's a wonderful idea. This painting is on a Casuarina equisetifolia of the family Casuarinaceae native to Australia and the Pacific Islands. This tree is known as "Phi Lao" or "Dương Liễu" in Việt-Nam where Casuarinas are planted in dense rows to be used as wind breaker for windy beaches and other naturally unprotected locations. For that reason, in Vietnam, Casuarina is metaphorically associated with wind and they naturally seek each other as do separated lovers.
Phi Lao

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Hilda said...

Fascinating tidbit about the tree and wind. Yeh! :p