Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Going Green

I am not talking about the color "green" per se. I am sure you are all aware that there are the so-called green organizations worldwide whose purpose in life is to go all out to protect the environment, preserve earth's natural resources and living naturally. Today is one of such days designated to be "green" aware. Many groups are giving presentations of why bottled water is harmful to both you and the environment, how to grow "green" products that you consume etc... But this is a first, a green blender.

What you see is a cycle-powered blender machine. It has not been perfected so it takes two persons to operate it. By sheer leg muscle power, the young (she's green, what do you think) lady powering the bicycle is having the time of her life turning the blades of the blender that is held by the young green lady assistant. The blender does turn furiously and it did blend whatever they put in it to puree. The irony of this is that after expending the energy (which is good) to blend the smoothie, she may need a refreshment and gain back many times the calorie over. If it were up to me? I would have put in the blender: 1 cup of vanilla ice cream, a half cup of whole milk, 1/8 cup of half and half milk, one and a half table spoon of sugar, a dash of vanilla extract. Then I would do my best to huff and puff and blend all of that together into a thousand calorie vanilla shake... Oh so good! Let's go green!
Green Blender

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