Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bus Stop

It's late in a Saturday in Miami. This is the South Dade metro rail station that empties into the bus stop underneath. It is crowded with people waiting to catch the bus to most likely go home after a busy day. Quite the contrary to some other countries I know, here in the US we are labor slaves. We work days and nights with very little breaks in between. Long vacations? Forget it! We've got to work! These people, for one reason or another, do not have a car so they use the Miami transit system. What we have here is not a very good system and it takes hours just to go from one place to another by metro rail or by bus. If you live in Miami, you'd better have a car, by hook or by crook. Else you spend a substantial amount of time waiting for public transportation. On the right of this shot is the very popular Shorty's for ribs and other good food that is bad for your body. Please don't ask me what I am doing here. I just feel too blue to cook on a Saturday at twilight.
Bus Stop

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Sandrine said...

For the same amount of time, I prefer to take public transportation to go somewhere. At least I can read!