Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Norman Brothers

This is Norman Brothers Produce on SW 87th Avenue just South of Sunset Drive. This is a popular place for fresh fruits, deli and vegetables. This recent new addition is also getting a lot of customers in front of the market. A one-pound slice of prime rib would set you back about US $20 here. I do have a hard time to tell the difference about the freshness of the fruits found here when compared to those from other good quality grocery stores around town. But I always come here for a gift fruit basket when I need it, and I don't try to understand why.


Laure-anne said...

Hi Lan, I am Laure-Anne, I am french, but I leave in Marrakesh, Morocco. Sometimes I go to read your blog. I like it, even if I don't understand all you write in english! My husband and I came a few times in Miami, we like this place. I like your way to see Miami, it's not tourist's pictures! I wondered if you work? because take a picture everyday, even if it's easy, it takes time!
So good luck, and see you later!
(I have a blog too : //lasmalamarrakech.blogspot.com)

Lan said...

I wish I didn't have to work, but I do. I visited your blog, that reminds me of the "petits fours." Je les ai bien aimes quand j'habitai a Paris il y a un bon bout de temps deja.

Laure-anne said...

Tu parles Français!!!! incroyable! comme quoi la vie est faite de surprise! je regardais ton blog de temps en temps depuis un moment, mais je n'y comprends rien à la botanique en anglais!
Thank you and take care!