Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Fellows

Here is proof that regardless of how tough life is treating you, there are always happy moments like this one. These are men waiting outside a Home Depot on Kendall Drive and SW 127th Avenue. Many of them wait here with the hope that they will get a job for a day, or if luck smiles at them, a few days working at odd jobs. When they saw me, they wanted to take a few photos of me! Oh yeah? That's what I do for a living these days, so I responded in kind. I even told them they will be on the internet. I doubt though that they would have the time, the energy or even the capability to surf the net at nights. One has to survive in this economy of the US that is stuck in reverse while costs keep going up and jobs are scarce like hen's teeth. God luck, men. Hope you get some work later... or tomorrow and the next days too.
Happy Souls

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