Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fresh from the Cantabric Sea

There is a new restaurant opening in the Dadeland Village, the third "Delicias de Espana." I have seen new signs leading to its new location, but have not had a chance to pay it a visit. This, as its name suggests, serves Spanish dishes for breakfast, special lunch, called a merienda which means afternoon snack, and dinner. It is said that they receive their seafood directly from Spain twice a week, from the Cantabric Sea! Now, that is the part of the Atlantic ocean bordered by the west coast of France and the north coast of Spain. The Cantabric Sea is known for its excellent white fish, anchovies and blue fin tunas. If you like the exotic stuff, its octopus are good too. How would you like squid in ink with onions and clam stew? I would like to ask if they may have that on the menu of their 3rd restaurant here when I find the time to come for photos. I think that's too risque for our taste in the US so I think we'll have to settle for something less erotic like a sea bass, and not an octopus. Did I say erotic? Sorry, I meant exotic!
Spanish Dishes

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