Saturday, September 10, 2011


I couldn't wait to find out, now I just did and that's a relief. A few days ago, a police car was visiting a mobile orchid commerce and I was wondering if that may spell trouble. I am happy to see that my paranoia was totally unfounded. The proof is here in this shot. It is still in full swing, alive and kicking. Actually, it has gotten bolder and has more signs leading to its operation. This is the place you can get fairly decent orchid plants for a quite reasonable price: US $10 for a plant of your choice. To avoid any future trouble whatsoever, please do not ask me where this spot is. But... if you are really tech savvy, you can use this: 25.703167 - 80.312833. And if you think that's a telephone number to call, no one will be there to answer.
False Alarm


nature freak said...

"25.703167 - 80.312833"

An old fashion topo map from the USGS in paper form and a ruler will even work!

Lavender Darwin said...

Setting doesn't matter - I just love a nice palm at the center of an image.

nature freak said...

Lavender Darwin,

Living in Florida, North Carolina (I lived in the mountains and Palms were less than 2 and a half hour drive away in SC) and California for most of my life I sometimes take palms for granted. Lavender, I imagine you live in a cold place. Miami certainly has an amazing variety of Palms, even compared to my part of Florida (where it gets much colder). It is a nice Royal Palm (Roystonea)