Monday, September 12, 2011

The End Is Near

I was curious about where the Borders bookstore stands, so I stepped inside today... It's a sad sight! What remains now is but a carcass of a great bookstore in its heydays. It's devoid of any books of values and most of the remaining bookshelves are empty. Everything is for sale, except the walls and the electrical fixtures of the building. My guess is that the end is very near... The few remaining books that are not sold will probably be donated to local libraries and the doors will be sealed shut to await the next commercial venture. I am sad to see this go away, but life is tough and like in the mighty jungles, only the fittest can survive.


Paul said...

Yep its a jungle out there and it is not getting any better. My view for whats it is worth is that there is no good side to a bookshop closing. Here in the UK in general and my city Leeds Borders closed for good more than 18 months back.

Lavender Darwin said...

Ah, no biggie. Books are just easier to buy and order online... or everyone just gets Kindle eBooks these days (I can't stand those things.)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It breaks my heart, the same thing happened here in Perth too. I personally don't think you can beat perusing through a book shop taking your time and choosing books, surely there must be many more who enjoy this simple pleasure!

Domesticpedia said...

"only the fittest can survive" we are powerless on this words


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